The world according to Fred!

11 Feb

So… the world can be a marvelous or dangerous place.  How we enjoy or survive it is all based on how we approach each day.  What is the right, or best way?  I am no expert.  While dweeby kids got rich after creating online tools that became Facebook, and others learned great skills used by business and organizations to support the world, I read about Alfa Romeos and the crazed Italians who created them.  While my Alfa friends learned how to tear their cars apart, and more importantly, put them back together again, I read and talked about Alfa Romeos.  I forgot to invest in valuable skills and instead, simply had fun.  Such is my Alfa Romeo passion. 

I rarely make really bad decisions, but it has happened, like when I dropped out of UofW after my first year.  I never try to be mean, but I’m sure that has happened before as well.  I don’t litter, plus I’m nice to animals and nature.   Thankfully, I enjoy more than just Alfa Romeos.  Two of my other passions are my daughters.  They are great, and just imagining what they will do today, tomorrow, and everyday is wonderful.  One believes she can change the world, and I agree.  The other has passion for music, dance, and has the social skills to enjoy wherever she is while making it look easy.  Both are excellent students and have so much life in them.   They are a wonderful mix of their mother and father… truly the best of both.  (I’m kind of a sappy emotional guy.)  I have passion for hiking, photography, history,  and other stuff you may spot going forward. 

As I write future texts, they will most likely focus on Alfa Romeos and club events, but over the years, I’ve found that the interest in the cars has helped bring me together with great, interesting people.  This has helped me experience much more than just the cars.   There is no rule requiring car content in my future writings.    I guess we’ll see how that works out.

Fred R


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